tirsdag den 28. august 2012

Det ekstreme kropslige synspunkt (oscillator #bla bla)

Roberto Bolaño (i engelsk oversættelse ganske vist) i romanen Distant Star om en tidligere fremmedlegionær, Raoul Delorme, der i Paris 1968 grundlagde en sekt kendt som ’the barbaric writers’: ”… the ex-legionnaire shut himself up in his tiny caretaker’s flat in the Rue des Eaux and began to hatch a new kind of writing. The apprenticeship consisted of two apparently simple steps: seclusion and reading. In order to take the first step, one had to purchase provisions sufficient for a week, or go hungry. To avoid inopportune visits, it was also necessary to make it clear that one was not to be disturbed for any reason, or pretend to be away travelling for a week or to have contracted a contagious disease. The second step was more complicated. According to Delorme, one had to commune with the master works. Communion was achieved in a singularly odd fashion: by defecating on the pages of Stendhal, blowing one’s nose on the pages of Victor Hugo, masturbating and spreading one’s semen over the pages of Gautier or Banville, vomiting onto the pages of Daudet, urinating on the pages of Lamartine, cutting oneself with a razor blade and spattering blood over the pages of Balzac or Maupassant, in short, submitting the books to a process of degradation which Delorme called ”humanisation”. A week of these ”barbaric” rituals resulted in a flat or room full of filth, stench and ruined books, with the apprentice writer wallowing in the mess, naked or in underwear, drivelling and wriggling like a new-born baby, or, rather, like the pioneering fish that had decided to make the break and live out of water.”

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